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07.09.2016 10:22:32

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SciSerTec is going the Kickstarter way! Contribute now to the cause until the 8th of October, 2016! SciSerTec´s Kickstarter Project: Developing the CMS Version of vCongress for Academia and Non-Profit Organizations

SciSerTec is now on Kickstarter Live until the 8th of October, 2016!
Kickstarter Project: SciSerTec would like to develop vCongress´s content Management system where users can host several conferences in parallel according to their individual needs without paying for any extra programming time invested by IT professionals.
Just contribute to the cause and back this project! The deadline for the project is 8th of October, 2016! Please Hurry!

SciSerTec is now live on kickstarter crowdfunding platform until the 8th of October 2016 only. SciSerTec wants to raise funds through Kickstarter to develop a Content Management Software (CMS) version of their beloved conference management software vCongress. This CMS Version can be customized online by the users themselves. This will save the users their time as well as money. Time because the users decide when to individualize their conferences and money because no other extra programming time by software engineers is needed anymore.

SciSerTec originates from academia and would like to support academic research. The reason for using the Kickstarter is to additionally offer the new CMS version of the vCongress software for the conferences of academia and not-for-profit for free or at a very low budget. This enables the academic scientific community world-wide to be able to afford professional conference management software for their small and medium size congresses. SciSerTec has also put forward amazing range of attractive rewards as an appreciation for the public funding. The project is on air live until only the 8th of October, 2016.

Just be the one to support academic research, support SciSerTec through the webpage: www.kickstarter.com/projects/scisertec/conferenc ..

Through SciSerTec´s vCongress software the hosts can independently manage their conferences fast and on their own. With the CMS version it is also possible to manage several conferences in parallel. vCongress is used globally for medicine and life science conferences already since 2006. Our servers are however, hosted in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, to provide best data protection world-wide.

30.08.2016 16:02:27

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SciSerTec Enters Long-Term Collaboration With University Hospital Leipzig SciSerTec´s vCongress CMS Version: A Beloved Online Tool for Scientific Congress and Workshop Organization

SciSerTec concluded a long-term exclusive contract with the University Hospital Leipzig (Universitätsmedizin Leipzig), Germany, with respect to the exclusive use of vCongress CMS version for all their congresses, workshops and scientific meetings. The deal got finalized in summer 2016 and opens new avenues for vCongress SciSerTec in professional congress organization in the region. SciSerTec implies “Science, Service and Technologies”-From Scientists For Scientists.

Founded in 2006 at the campus of Hannover Medical School, SciSerTec boasts its unique and dedicated team and its trusted partners. SciSerTec team has more than 10 years of experience in the organization of scientific and medicine conferences world-wide. SciSerTec´s online tool vCongress promises an individually-tailored, highly professional solution for meeting organization, which can be extended for print- and web designing, mobile solutions and project management. vCongress can further be used not only for above mentioned purposes, but also for participant registration, payments modes, abstract submission, status solution for hosts and administrators and so on.

SciSerTec recently succeeded in establishing a long-term, exclusive contract with the University Hospital Leipzig (Universitätsmedizin Leipzig), Leipzig, Germany, with respect to the use of SciSerTec´s very own conference management software vCongress. The central event management at the University Hospital Leipzig has opted for a long-term cooperation with SciSerTec. In summer 2016 a three-year successful contract was accomplished between the two partners. The central event management uses vCongress for all of their internal and external scientific events. A successful one-year cooperation has already been achieved in the past. This time was simultaneously utilized by the SciSerTec team to adapt vCongress to the needs and processes of the University Hospital. e.g. to develop an interface for the Uni-intern SAP billing system. The central event management can now automatically create and manage all their online conferences by themselves.

The reason for such a preferred long time contract is their extremely user-friendly customizable software vCongress. The online tool vCongress promises an individually-tailored, highly professional solution for congress organization, website designing, and project management. Moreover, the same tool can supply the congress abstract book in the print-friendly formats. The tool takes care of payments and can offer multiple payment gateways suggestions. vCongress has the possibility of employing various timely email alerts and other information to the participants. The advantages of using vCongress for your professional congress management overtly justify your spending for the tool.

The Content Management System (CMS) version of vCongress can be customized by the users themselves. This will save SciSerTec´s customers much time and money. Time because they decide when to individualize their conference and money because no extra programming time by software engineers is needed anymore.

With such tools, SciSerTec adheres to the current highest safety standards in the World Wide Web. The data privacy of the customers and members is particularly dear to the team. Their servers are hosted in Frankfurt am Main, Germany for the section Life Science SciSerTec complies to the EU norms for data safety and so be sure of the fact that your congress can not be in more secure and safer hands!

SciSerTec will be glad to join hands with universities and academic institutions in coming time and would be happy to provide a professional as well as economic tool for their congress needs. The team at SciSerTec is looking forward to discussions and demonstrations with future vCongress users.